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Biological Safety Cabinet

• SmartFlow compensation to maintain inflow and the overall balance of inflow and downflow.

• Counter balanced window for easy operation, negatively pressurized double-sided walls for greater containment.

• SmartClean providing easy access to the upper portions of cabinet interior through extended window movement.

• Available in 25 cm front opening, 230 VAC, with Type 304 stainless steel interior.

• Meets the requirements of a safety cabinet for cytotoxic substances and other CMR drugs, the European standard for design, construction, and performance of A-II biosafety cabinets.

• Cytostatic safety cabinets are often selected for applications for work with hazardous drugs, CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) substances, or other specialized procedures, particularly in Europe.

Product Features:

• Outstanding protection, comfort, and performance for demanding applications with intuitive interface and connectivity.

• With high-effective UV light to avoid the bacteria.

Product Parameters:

biological safety cabinet
Model: MBH-1300A2H-S
External dimensions (W×D×H): 1300*802*2140mm
Internal dimensions(W×D×H): 1286×690×760mm

Airflow Speed: 0.32m/s