Blood Bank Freezer

• Displayer division value: 0.1°C; temperature display for upper and lower chambers of MBR-30Q/500/1000 is switchable.

• temperature probes are placed in the tray to ensure precise displayed temperature.
Special space ratio (large refrigerator, small freezer) closes to actual demand, improves space efficiency.

• Original import compressor brings stable performance.

• Rapid pull-down in the freezer(MPR-400F: time for pull-down from AT 30°C to -40°C<90min).

• In case of temperature control probe failure, the standard back-up probe will be automatically enabled to ensure the safety of stored blood.

• In case of an electronic controller failure, the accessory mechanical temperature controller will ensure normal operation.

Product Features:

• Optional padlock ensures sample safety.

• Painted-steel-made outer and inner chamber, beautiful and durable, rust-proof, and corrosion-proof.

• Height-adjustable shelf divides the chamber into different sized storage spaces.

• Built-in LED in the refrigerator, highlighting and energy-saving.

• Foamed outer door with large window class facilitates sample observation (MBR-100: electrical heating glass door effectively prevents door condensation).

• Defrosting tray is equipped outside to prevent water dripping in case of an extremely humid environment.

• Evaporating tray is equipped. After drainage, the condensing water will be automatically evaporated by compressor heat, which improves compressor work efficiency and eliminates manual pouring.

Product Parameters:

blood bank freezer
Model: MBR-100
Temperature range: 4±1 ℃

External dimensions (W×D×H): 586×627×843mm
Internal dimensions (W×D×H): 490×417×369mm

Capacity: 74L
Net weight: 60kg

Rated input power: 189W