Blood Refrigerator

• Displayer division value: 0.1°C; temperature display for upper and lower chambers of MBR-30Q/500/1000 is switchable.

• temperature probes are placed in the tray to ensure precise displayed temperature.
Special space ratio (large refrigerator, small freezer) closes to actual demand, improves space efficiency.

• Original import compressor brings stable performance.

• Rapid pull-down in the freezer(MPR-400F: time for pull-down from AT 30°C to -40°C<90min).

• In case of an electronic controller failure, the accessory mechanical temperature controller will ensure normal operation.

Alarms such as high/low temperature alarm, door open alarm, power failure alarm, compressor protection alarm, sensor abnormality alarm, battery service life alarm, condenser fan life service alarm, and remote alarm output can be connected with external remote alarms to guarantee storage safety.

Product Features:

• Painted-steel-made outer and inner chamber, beautiful and durable, rust-proof, and corrosion-proof.

• Height-adjustable shelf divides the chamber into different sized storage spaces.

• Built-in LED in the refrigerator, highlighting and energy-saving.

• Foamed outer door with large window class facilitates sample observation (MBR-100: electrical heating glass door effectively prevents door condensation).

• Defrosting tray is equipped outside to prevent water dripping in case of an extremely humid environment.

Product Parameters:

vaccine refrigerator
Model: MBR-1000
Temperature range: 4±1.5 ℃

External dimensions (W×D×H): 1210×811×1990mm
Internal dimensions (W×D×H): 1074×682×1514mm

Capacity: 1040L
Net weight: 220kg

Rated input power: 470W