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Chest Medical Freezer

The complete function of sample management, real-time communication, and data sharing with integrated managed PC through biological sample management platform (BMP) is available to automatically synchronize the Cloud sample data.

• Highly improved storage efficiency by the reasonable layout of storage space.

• Optimized vacuum insulation material plus PU foamed the warm-keeping wall provides unprecedented insulation performance, significantly improves warm-keeping performance.

• Original import compressor plus auto-cascade cooling system with mixed refrigerants provides stable -90°C temperature cycle and improves pull-down by 35%.

Original import compress brings stable performance.

Chest structure with a large opening facilitates sample handling, prevents cold air loss.

Product Features:

• Multi-standard communication ports, sample management information system and temperature/ humidity monitoring system.

• Available interconnection between personal terminals, realizing remote monitoring of running status. Quadruple-pane door gaskets are distributed on different planes to form a vacuum protection area to prevent cold air loss.

Product Parameters:

chest medical freezer
Model: MDF-C630
Temperature range: -20℃~-30℃

External dimensions (W×D×H): 1800×800×848mm
Internal dimensions (W×D×H): 1674×620×663mm

Capacity: 635L
Net weight: 105kg

Rated input power: 365W