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Combined Refrigerator And Freezer

• Special space proportion (large refrigerator, small freezer) closes to actual demand, improves space efficiency.

• Original import compressor brings stable performance User-friendly design.

• Optional padlock ensures sample safety.

• Painted-steel-made outer and inner chamber, beautiful and durable, rust-proof, and corrosion-proof.

• Height-adjustable shelf in the refrigerator divides the chamber into different sized storage spaces.

• Built-in LED in the r refrigerator, highlighting and energy-saving.

Product Features:

Microprocessor control, non-volatile operation, memory-maintained function, and real-time display of compressor running status.

• Smart cycle defrosting prevents temperature fluctuation from defrosting.

• Unique duct design in the refrigerator keeps the temperature more stable, ensuring the storage standard (4±1.5°C) for blood.

• Sample safety in case of long-term storage is ensured.

• Alarms such as high/low temperature alarm, door open alarm, power failure alarm, compressor protection alarm, sensor abnormality alarm, battery service life alarm, condenser fan life service alarm, and remote alarm output can be connected with external remote alarms to guarantee storage safety.

Product Parameters:

combined refrigerator and freezer
Model: MPR-400F
Net weight: 180kg
Rated input power: 420W
Other series models: MPR200F, MPR440F

Temperature range: 2℃~-8℃
Capacity: 307L
External dimensions (W×D×H): 850*810*1835mm
Internal dimensions (W×D×H): 730*605*697mm

Temperature range: -20℃~-40℃
Capacity: 97L
External dimensions (W×D×H): 850*810*1835mm
Internal dimensions (W×D×H): 706*629*220mm