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High Pressure Sterilizer

• Strictly follow the design standard—YY1007, in compliance with the pressure vessel requirements of GB150. The dual cooling radiating system realizes rapid pull-down.

• 2 standard cooling fans at the front and back of the bucket reduces the cooling time.

• Press the operation key, the sterilizer will start up with previous running parameters, which is convenient, efficient, and more applicable for bulk repetitive operations.

• Users can input the actual altitude and the system will automatically calculate the matching boiling point and running parameters.

• Lid opening at low temperature and exhaust under high pressure; double dry burning-resistant protection, safe interlock structure.

Product Features:

• Painted-steel-made outer and inner chamber, beautiful and durable, rust-proof, and corrosion-proof.

• Height-adjustable shelf divides the chamber into different sized storage spaces.

• Built-in LED in the refrigerator, highlighting and energy-saving.

• Foamed outer door with large window class facilitates sample observation (MBR-100: electrical heating glass door effectively prevents door condensation).

• Defrosting tray is equipped outside to prevent water dripping in case of an extremely humid environment.

Product Parameters:

high pressure sterilizer
Model: MVS-83
Sterilization Temp: 115℃~135℃
Dissolution Temp: 60℃~115℃
Heat Preservation Temp: 45℃~60℃

External dimensions (W×D×H): 600×620×1005mm
Internal dimensions (W×D×H): 370×795mm

Capacity: 75L
Net weight: 90kg
Rated input power: 4200W