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Liquid Nitrogen Storage Container

• Frequent refilling or dewar replacement can be reduced, meaning highly improved LN2 operation safety.

• Temperature rise caused by high-temp nitrogen during refilling can be alleviated, which guarantees the safety of stored items

• LN2 loss caused by ebullition, high-pressure impact, and pipeline residual can be prevented.

• Auto-filling and continuous fluid level monitoring.

• Capacitive sensors use capacitance changes to measure the fluid level, realizing real-time display of accurate fluid level data and ensuring safe and reliable auto-filling.

Product Features:

• Hot gas bypass design can exhaust the residual AT nitrogen in the pipeline during filling, which prevents drastic temperature fluctuation accordingly and reduces LN2 consumption.

• Vortex filling enables zero-splash.

• With vortex baffle structure, LN2 will bump to the tank wall after filling to form a vortex, which ensures stable filling and no ebullition.

Product Parameters:

Liquid nitrogen storage container
Model: MNR-470S
Temperature range: -175℃~-190℃

External dimensions (W×D×H): Φ1280×1670m
Supplement frequency: 14days

Volume: 47600 2ml freezing tubes
Volume of the Liquid Nitrogen: 200L