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Medical Constant-Temperature Incubator

Microprocessor PID control system

• Latest microprocessor PID controller ensures a more precise and stable incubator temperature.

• User-friendly design and high-quality materials.

• Semi-circular inner edge, easy for cleaning.

• Corrosion-proof stainless steel (SUS 304) as inner materials.

• Silicon-foamed sealing ring, high-temp resistant, non-toxic and

Product Features:

Accurate and reliable controller

• Perfect status display system on the control panel to clearly display information like temperature and running status.

• Digital display in green, moderate and clear.

• Available Key Lock function prevents misoperation. Safety and timer function.

• Safety alarms such as door ajar alarm, temperature deviation alarm, etc.

• Timer running and delay running are settable, and no manual operation is needed during running.

Product Parameters:

Medical constant-temperature incubator
CModel: MIR-180
Temperature range: 5℃~35℃

External dimensions (W×D×H): 580×600×829mm
Internal dimensions (W×D×H): 450×460×470mm

Capacity: 97L
Net weight: 56kg

Rated input power: 220W