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2°C~8°C Medical Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

• Mechanical key ensures sample safety.

• V-type drainage effectively prevents water accumulation and keeps the bottom clean.

• Hidden air intake vent.

• Optimized control accuracy
Microprocessor control, non-volatile operation, memory-maintained function, and real-time display of compressor running status.

• Smart cycle defrosting prevents temperature fluctuation from defrosting.

• Unique duct design keeps the temperature more stable, ensuring the storage standard.

Product Features:

• Optional electronic temperature logger with USB data export function.

• Data records can be viewed on smartphones and PC.

• Built-in LED, highlighting and energy-saving.

• Overall height is <850mm. compact size fits various locations.

Product Parameters:

2°C~8°C Medical pharmaceutical refrigerator
Model: MPR-100
Temperature range: 2℃~8℃

External dimensions (W×D×H): 586×627×843mm
Internal dimensions (W×D×H): 490×417×369mm

Capacity: 74L
Net weight: 60kg

Rated input power: 189W