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Alphavita Second Anniversary & Agency Conference


Alphavita Biotechnology has prepared a different sign-in and lighting ceremony. The protagonist of this ceremony is the partner who helps Alphavita’s new brand, including you, me, and him.

It is precise because of the concerted efforts of each partner that lightens the way for Alphavita to move forward.

● Trust · Sharing

At the beginning of the meeting, on behalf of shareholders and all employees, the general manager of Alphavita Biotech expressed a warm welcome to the partners, and elaborated on the company’s overall development plan, innovation of the Alphavita Biosystems system, the inheritance of Matsushita brand culture, and the future products of Alphavita Biotech. The strategic planning of the structure has been introduced in detail, and we look forward to mutual honesty, mutual dependence, and mutual achievement with the vast number of excellent agents to form an ecosystem and create a great enterprise!

Alphavita Biology has always regarded technological innovation and R&D as the most important driving force. Facing the increasingly competitive market environment, Alphavita Biology’s deputy general manager clearly explained the company’s product strategy, based on the preservation of biological samples, and in-depth exploration of sample resources. And focus more on the field of life sciences.

Subsequently, the general manager of Alphavita Biological Sales Department conducted an in-depth interpretation from the four key dimensions of the current situation of channel goals, the realization of agent value, Alphavita biological product structure, and service capabilities.

The general manager of Alphavita Biological Research and Development Department elaborated on the structure of Alphavita Biological products, analyzed and compared similar products in the market, and analyzed the superiority of new products. The strong scientific research team will continue to provide more reliable and stable new products to help Alphavita Biology and its agents. Businessmen develop their business better.

The technical director of the sample bank stated that Alphavita Bio will start from customer needs and face professional customers in the fields of clinical medical research, disease prevention and control, and biopharmaceutical production. From basic planning to process design, from hardware equipment to software deployment, to follow-up services, Provide customers with efficient, scientific, and standard solutions.

Finally, Chairman and President of Bingshan Group-President Ji reviewed the development of Alphavita Biological. On this road, Alphavita Biological is sonorous and live up to expectations. From seeking stability to reform, it is hard work and hard work. In the future, Alphavita Bio will start with the end and welcome the next new journey of forge ahead!

The conference also specially planned the product exhibition and communication link, -90℃ dual-system medical ultra-low temperature, 4℃ blood refrigerator, rapid refrigeration, energy-saving and environmentally friendly medical low-temperature box, -196℃ large-caliber liquid nitrogen biological container, biological safety cabinet, and more Surveillance system, CPC cell modulation sterile environment solution…Alphavita Biotechnology presents what you expect.

● Inheritance · Development

In order to allow partners to have a deeper understanding of the company and products, and trust each other, Alphavita Bio has specially arranged a factory tour, from the cultural exhibition hall of the founder of Panasonic-Konosuke Matsushita to the exhibition hall of the Dalian Matsushita Cold Chain Sales Headquarters and then to the Alphavita Biologics factory. , Alphavita Biological inheritance and development along the way to everyone.

● We are in the same boat

Looking back on 2020, many things are not easy, and the true feelings are more obvious. It is with the sincere trust and strong support of the partners to Alphavita Biology that the development and achievements of Alphavita Biology can be achieved.

Taking this as an opportunity, this agent conference also held an awards ceremony to encourage and appreciate the partners who walked hand in hand together.

The “Fengfan Partner Award” measures the true thickness of both parties over time;
The “Moved Alphavita Award” cherishes the heart of a child who is unremittingly pursuing his career;
The “Partner in the Same Boat Award” demonstrates the value and significance of working together;
The “New Partner Award” witnessed the courage and strength to forge ahead.
Appreciation dinner, talk about the future of wine.

In order to thank the majority of partners for their support, Alphavita has prepared a abundant dinner. Everyone gathered to share delicious food and share their work experience.

At the beginning of the dinner, the general manager of the sales department and the regional directors gave a toast, opening with a magnificent encouragement, accompanied by beautiful music and powerful dance, the dinner kicked off.

Jazz bands, large-scale magic, trench gifts, blast the audience. The latest Huawei mate 40pro 5G mobile phone, DJI Mini2 foldable drone, and Huawei WATCH GT are all extraordinary…Alphavita Bio’s friends returned with a full load. Barrage, answering, games… Push the atmosphere of the dinner to one climax after another.

In the end, Song Yang Bio presented a gorgeous finale show-Beach, Fireworks Show! In the light of the gorgeous fireworks, the night space on the beach is beautiful, the fireworks and the dancing light sticks are intertwined, and every frame is beautiful like wallpaper. I believe this will become an indelible memory between Alphavita Bio and its partners.

Although the road is far away, the journey will come;
Although it is difficult, it will succeed if it is done.
Heroes gather together, they are bound to win!

Adhering to the cooperation concept of “trust and sharing”,
Looking forward to building a core partnership with agents,
Build a community with a shared future!