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ULT Freezer Self-Cascade System

The complete function of sample management, real-time communication, and data sharing with integrated managed PC through biological sample management platform (BMP) is available to automatically synchronize the Cloud sample data.

• Highly improved storage efficiency by the reasonable layout of storage space.

• Convenient sample operation: editable sample property, management of sample stock-in/stock-out, sample transfer, sample management, etc.

• Function of intelligent sample statistics, information such as sample stock-in/stock-out, sample qty, and type can be summarized and processed.

Product Features:

Users can modify running parameters by inputting passwords after ID verification.

• Chamber temperature and ambient temperature can be viewed in Data Graph and Data List.

• Functions of data export and core components work status monitoring.

• Viewable history alarms and operation records.

Product Parameters:

ULT freezer self-cascade system
Model: MDF-U792VX
Temperature range: -50℃~-90℃

External dimensions (W×D×H): 1180×875×1990mm
Internal dimensions (W×D×H): 920×600×1280mm

Capacity: 706L
Net weight: 345kg

Rated input power: 1477W
Other series models: MDF-U692VX, MDF-C590VX